Best Free Calling Apps For Unlimited Calls & Texts

It’s important to distinguish the difference between apps that can make free external SMS texts and calls, and those that let you send messages to other users on their app.

Some apps will give you a free temporary number that you can call other numbers with, and they won’t need to install any apps themselves. These apps, with the exception of Google Voice, include in-app ads to help support their operating costs.

There are also free calling apps that let you make free calls and texts, but only to other users. So for example, you can make free calls on WhatsApp or Viber, but only when calling other WhatsApp or Viber users via WiFi or mobile data. We’ve included both in this article and created a different section for each.

Free Calling Apps For SMS Texts & Calls
We would highly recommend you ask your contacts to install a chat app like WhatsApp or Viber to make calling and communicating effortless and free, but if you can’t do that, the following options may appeal to you.

Google Voice (Android & iOS)
If you’re in Canada or the US, this may be the best free calling app available. You are given a free number and can call, text, and receive the same from any number even if others don’t have the app installed. Coming from Google, you’re free from any frustrating ads that many other apps in this list do feature.

There’s also some other neat features, such as direct text transcriptions of your voicemails, so you can see what people have said instead of just hearing them. Whilst free calls are available to US numbers, you can also pay to make outgoing international calls.

The UI is clean, you can record your calls, and backup any important messages or calls. Google Voice isn’t available in countries outside of the US and Canada for now.

Dingtone (Android & iOS)
Dingtone offers free calls, texts, and a free number to go with it. Upon sign up, you’ll get 15 credits which can be used to call and text others within the first 48 hours of using the app. You can also claim a free phone number from a variety of regions.

After that, you can get more credits by completing mini games. It’s a fun way to reward users with more in-app activity. You’ll find more free credits by opening the app each day, watching ads, inviting friends, and completing offers.

You can also purchase credits, and there’s an option to remove ads for 1 month, which costs just $0.99, far cheaper than other alternatives in this list.

We highly recommend Dingtone as the best ad-supported free text app if you can’t use Google Voice. After this, apps start to get more intrusive with ads.

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