Black Titanium Men’s Wedding Rings Show Devotion Like No Others

Of all the symbols involved in a marriage, there is no greater outward and everlasting display of love and devotion than the wedding ring. And of all the types of bands available, black titanium mens wedding rings have to be one of the most stylish, one of the strongest, and one of the best rings you could possibly pick.

Sure, the traditional pick is a very simple, plain gold band. There is nothing wrong with that. After all, this is all about personal style and taste, so no one can tell you what’s right or wrong for you.

But tradition and simplicity aren’t for everyone. Some people don’t like the look of gold; some people have an allergic reaction on their skin to the touch of gold; black ceramic rings and some people just don’t want the same wedding band that their parents and grandparents had before them.

One of the hottest new trends in wedding rings for men is black titanium. Known as the “space age” metal, this brings together two very masculine ideas – the strength of titanium, and the coolness of black. Together, they create a ring that’s not only a lasting reminder of your wedding vows, but a great piece of jewellery that will go with every occasion.

Titanium is a metal that’s usually talked about when you are discussing spy planes and space ships, not jewellery. The light weight and incredible strength make it an ideal metal for situations that require extreme speed and protection. But as more and more people move away from gold, white gold and silver to more “non traditional” metals for their rings, titanium has become a popular replacement. Its appeal to men has as much to do with its evocation of spy tech as it does the metal’s physical properties.

But what about titanium is particularly wedding appropriate? No one is exactly rushing out to put spy planes and Soviet subs on their wedding cakes. So why use this metal for the everyday symbol of your vows?

Titanium is an incredibly light metal, which means a man can comfortably wear a larger sized ring, for the same weight as a smaller gold one. This means that he can choose a design that will fit his hand better, and the light weight will make it easier to wear for someone who may not be used to wearing jewellery at all. You did not take your vows lightly, but you can take the ring lightly. Its durability is also a wonderful analogy for the strength of your wedding vows – tougher than steel, and made to last a lifetime.

But of all the colors of titanium available, why choose black titanium mens wedding rings? Because he can. And if he’s able to pick out a ring that’s light, strong, and suits him perfectly – right down to a color that will work with whatever he wears – what bride wouldn’t want to slip a black titanium ring on her new husband’s finger?

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