Easy Steps to Measure The Right Size Of Your Bra

Girls tend to have a love-hate relationship with their bras. Love, because it accentuates their curves and makes them look flattering. Hate, because nobody likes confinement. But, more often than not, the majority of girls pick the wrong size of bras for themselves.

Not just the discomfort, but wearing wrong sized bras can also cause long term physical problems. To avoid this, here are a few easy steps to measure the right size of your bra without seeking any third person’s assistance.

Band Size

Take a measuring tape around the torso and directly under the bust, where the bra band would exactly sit. Make sure the tape is at the perfect level and snugs perfectly.

Take the round figure for the number, if the number comes out even, add 4 inches and 5 inches if the figure comes out odd. The perfect size of your band will the total sum of the calculation. For instance, if you measure 32 inches, the band size would be 36 inches.

Bust Measurement

Measuring your bust size is extremely important to determine the appropriate size of the bra. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around loosely to the fullest part of your chest at the nipple level. Take the round whole number and purchase the bra accordingly.

The Appropriate Cup Size

The exact cup size is calculated by subtracting your band size from the bust measurement. For example, if your bust size if 37 inches and your band size if 34 inches, your cup size will be 3 inches; 34C. Know more about how to calculate the bra size on Cosmetics Arena.

Center Gore

Center gore is the area between the cups. Keep in mind the center gore before purchasing a bra. If you can stick your finger under the center gore, the chances are you are wearing the wrong size. Your center for must be tighter to keep the breasts from slipping out the bottom.

Now that you know the tricks, go ahead and get yourself a comfortable and flattering bra that will keep all things intact.

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