Horoscope Match-Earning: The procedure

In very last many years, over and over I have stumble upon the whole process of Match-Creating or Guna Milan for Marriage or Married lifetime of the Few. If I exploit only Panchang – Rashi – Nakshatra – Charan (Pada),of Match-Building or Guna Milan will fall short to Match Compatibility of Bride and Groom or Male or Woman or Spouse and Spouse or Boy and Girl. So it is vital to understand that Panchang is don’t just the Tool to decide the destiny with the Bride and Groom or Male and Female, Etcetera. We should take into account the Horoscope of Individuals before reaching to any positive or damaging summary.

With regards to Horoscope Matching for the goal of marriage, the approach of Gun Milan given by Vedic Jyotish is so well-known that most of folks believe that Horoscope Matching is simply Gun Milan and practically nothing else. That’s why these individuals have a Guna Milan Score or Points from some Astrologer or some Site and determined by this Score or Points, they make your mind up the compatibility of Horoscopes which are into consideration for Horoscope Matching. More than a period of a few years, I happen to be telling a lot of my Clients and lots of of my Readers who are interested in Horoscope Matching, the technique of Guna Milan is part of the whole process of Horoscope Matching and It’s not the entire process in itself as This method of Guna Milan considers just some facets of Horoscope Matching and it concentrates on Moon by itself between Navagraha and rest of the Planets are dismissed in this process of Guna Milan and for that reason It is far from total in by itself On the subject of Horoscope Matching as each of the planets among Navagraha are regarded as critical in Vedic JyotishShastra and thus due focus ought to be presented to all Navagraha whilst accomplishing a Horoscope Matching for the objective of marriage. In this post, We’ll explore the constraints of Gun Milan technique and we will likely examine as to what measures and what areas are crucial in the process of Horoscope Matching.


To get started with the discussion, Allow’s to start with examine some limits of the method known as Guna Milan which happens to be commonly Utilized in India for the purpose of Horoscope Matching and almost all of the men and women believing and training in Vedic Jyotish nevertheless believe that Guna Milan is the one vital detail to carry out as a way to do a radical Horoscope Matching or Match Earning. In this method of Gun Milan, the placement of Moon is recorded in a particular Indication, Nakshatra along with the Charan or Pada with the Nakshatra at enough time of start of Bride and Groom after which you can determined by the posture of Moon in each of these Horoscopes, a score for Guna Milan is finalized in which the utmost Score or Points is 36 and minimum suitable Rating or factors for Guna Milan is taken as eighteen which suggests that if Guna Milan rating is less than eighteen, then the Horoscope Matching is not really considered good and as this score or points of Guna Milan goes increased, Horoscope Matching is thought of as better and better. The final Score or factors acquired by Guna Milan is also known as Gunas which in straightforward phrases means that if 18 will be the rating or details assigned In line with Guna Milan then it is said that eighteen Gunas are matching. This process of Guna Milan considers eight kootas or factors referred to as Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha, Gan, Bhakut and Nadi for the goal of assigning Gunas and these 8 kootas are assigned one to eight Gunas respectively which makes a total of 36. Consequently the final score obtained through this process of Guna Milan is considered as the decisive requirements for determining the destiny of Horoscope Matching.

It must nonetheless be noted that the above described technique of Guna Milan considers The location of Moon on your own for the goal of Horoscope Matching and rest of 8 Planets amongst Navagraha are all jointly dismissed in This method of Guna Milan which places a large dilemma mark over the reliability of Guna Milan process since the lives and compatibility of two people today can not be and really should not be made the decision basically on The idea of one World, one Indication and one particular Nakshatra, and the many Planets, Indications, Residences and Nakshatras which are suitable in the whole process of Horoscope Matching must be regarded as thoroughly just before achieving any conclusion about the ultimate final result of Horoscope Matching. One example is, the presence of a ManglikDosha, AnantKaalSarp Yoga, KulikKaalSarp Yoga, TakshakKaalSarp Yoga or KarkotakKaalSarp Yoga in any among the Horoscope can completely modify the outcomes of such Horoscope Matching given that the existence of any one of many over described Doshas will make the marriage are unsuccessful miserably in spite of a very superior score specified by Guna Milan According to Hindu Panchang. In the same way the existence of one or multiple effective Yogas like Manglik Yoga, Malavya Yoga or some other such Yoga could make the marriage maintain Despite a lower score given by Guna Milan Procedure. As a result the general Matching acquired as a result of Matching each of the vital facets from equally the Horoscopes must be accomplished for predicting the results of Horoscope Matching. We’ll now explore several of the steps which are essential and which ought to be presented thanks attention so as to attain a summary about Horoscope Matching.

In step one of Horoscope Matching, the Horoscope from the Male by itself needs to be analyzed correctly and it should be found out concerning what Planetary combinations, Indicators, Nakshatras, Yogas or Doshas are existing from the Horoscope that may influence the destiny of marriage inside a positive or maybe a damaging way and also the listing of all these positive and damaging points really should be built. As an example, if the Horoscope of Male is indicating a great money and Skilled progress throughout the existence, it can be taken to be a as well as even though On the flip side if exactly the same Horoscope is indicating problems linked to the start of youngsters, it’s taken being a detrimental. Following this sample, all The nice and bad points associated with marriage should be noticed and mentioned from this Horoscope and after that in another phase of Horoscope Matching the exact same method should be repeated for the Female. For example, When the Horoscope of Feminine is exhibiting considerable disturbance in married daily life or it is exhibiting a possible divorce, it ought to be taken for a negative and it ought to be noted whilst Conversely if a similar Horoscope is displaying very good final results relating to baby start and economical prosperity, these observations must be mentioned as additionally details. Within the third stage of Horoscope Matching, each of such Horoscopes really should be studied together and customary optimistic and adverse points needs to be weighed with and towards each other.

To simplify this action, if the Horoscope of each the Male and the Female is exhibiting very good money prosperity, it can be securely assumed that this relationship is going to be good from monetary viewpoint and economical ups and downs will not be about to impact this relationship in a very negative way. Coming to Various other points, In case the Horoscope with the Male is indicating challenges related to child beginning whereas the Horoscope of the feminine is indicating Excellent results linked to baby delivery, the possibilities are possible that some troubles will elevate concerning the child start but they will be last but not least conquer plus the couple can have little ones right after some problems and delays. Here is the step of Horoscope Matching wherever the Gunas or effects of Guna Milan is also considered and when compared to the ultimate end result of both equally the Horoscopes in addition to a conclusion is derived from this comparison. For example, if a NadiDosha is existing in Horoscope Matching which happens to be indicating the Dying of 1 or both equally of the Partners, this should be checked with the opposite areas of Horoscopes ahead of jumping to any conclusions. If both equally the Horoscopes are indicating excellent lifespan and Not one of the Horoscopes is indicating the Dying on the Lover, then it can be properly assumed that the detrimental final result indicated by NadiDosha is not likely to provide serious penalties and this kind of NadiDosha must be viewed as extremely gentle In such a case. Conversely if one of several Horoscopes is showing problems with lifespan and one other Horoscope is demonstrating a achievable widowhood, then the adverse result indicated by NadiDosha ought to be viewed as extremely cautiously as the two the Horoscopes are complementing the final results of NadiDosha In such a case and therefore on the list of two Companions can actually confront lifetime threatening difficulties.

In the ultimate but once again important phase of Horoscope Matching, Astrological Remedies for a few Doshas existing in one or both in the Horoscopes are deemed to scale back this sort of Doshas. These Doshas may well contain ManglikDosha, KaalSarpDosha, NadiDosha, BhakutDosha or every other Dosha and by accomplishing applicable Astrological Solutions for these Doshas which usually contain the usage of Gems Stones, Yantras, Mantras and Pujas, the energy of these Doshas might be minimized appreciably which implies that these Doshas will not likely bother the pair greatly and Due to this fact the pair can enjoy a significantly improved relationship. The many methods of Horoscope Matching described higher than are very important components of Horoscope Matching and every excellent Astrologer pays thanks attention to every one of these measures before predicting the ultimate result of Horoscope Matching. For this reason Horoscope Matching really should not be decided on the basis of Guna Milan by yourself and each of the appropriate aspects ought to be analyzed and when compared just before selecting the fate of Horoscope Matching.

These are generally my private views and exercise I comply with religiously, thinking about no lousy outcome will have an affect on the wedding or Married Lifetime of Male and Woman, Bride or Groom, Partner and Wife, Boy and Lady. As marriage is really a social part of our society, so we being an Astrologer must provide right direction to them. This will steer clear of the clashes and tensions involving the Couple and might guide Pleased and Prosperous Married Life.

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