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As many users of the power scooter know, also called as an electric or a mobility scooter, mobility is the biggest benefit to be had from owning and using it. People who have difficulty in walking because of illnesses like cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, emphysema and arthritis as well as elderly people use them to attain a measure of freedom and independence. But mobility is not the one and only benefit https://www.scootmobielbelang.nl of an electric scooter. You will also enjoy the advantage of style, safety and soul.

Advantage of Style

In reality, motorized wheelchairs and motorized scooters serve the same function – provide opportunities for greater mobility. However, the power scooter appeals to a wider market because of the wide variety of stylish designs, colors and sizes. You can find something that is exactly according to your preferences in style.

It is also marketed as a product to facilitate mobility and movement, instead of a product to assist the disabled, which makes it all the more desirable than the motorized wheelchair. Besides, you can see similar versions of the motorized scooter in recreational activities, thus, lessening the negative connotations when you see it outside of the golf course or the theme park.

Also, you don’t even have to pay tons of money to be stylish either. With prices starting at around $1,000 and upwards to $3,500, you can afford to be mobile and be stylish about it. Did we mention that some private health insurers as well as Medicare can reimburse your power scooter expenses partially or fully?

Advantage of Safety

An electric scooter is one of the safest modes of mobility around on many aspects. For one thing, its features from the padded seat to the stable wheels to the traffic accessories are designed to provide safety in and outside of buildings. Many mobility scooters are designed to be operated outside the house for travel over longer distances.


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