Top 3 Elegant Interior Decor Styles You Can Use

If you are looking to create an interior decor that’s elegant in style, then here are some ideas that you can use to help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

When it comes to deciding on the finishing touches for your new home or renovation, it depends not only your budget, but more importantly, knowing what you want. Many people try to perform a renovation without knowing what they really want when it comes to interior decor, and as a result, find it more difficult to turn their ideas into reality.

So here are some tips that you can use to create an elegant style of home decor, and to find out the various ideas that are available when it comes to interior decorating in this style.

Tip 1

The Classical French interior

This style of decor is one that’s beautiful, elegant and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yet will suit both the woman and the man of the household!

This is the style where you have neutral colors such as beige and stone on the walls, with wall paneling on the lower part of the walls along with some ornamentation.

The decor? This is where you add objects that you find attractive personally and which fits into this style. Some wood grained chest of drawers, elegant chairs in the French style, elegant wall art, and tall curtains in rich browns and creams would be some examples.

This style would suit you if you love classic decor, and want a gorgeous, refined approach.

Tip 2

Dramatic elegant decor

This is a variation of the above theme where more intense color and richness is used.

If you enjoy color, then this style or theme may suit your tastes. The use of patterned wallpaper with a predominant color for the home, and some feature colors for the stairways or specific rooms such as the guest’s waiting room or the master bedroom, is a feature of this theme.

The other areas where character is dominant such as the paneling, architraves, and internal doors and windows also help to match this elegant style.

This requires some checking to see that the colors of the wall or wallpaper compliment well with all the other features of the house.

Tip 3

Manhattan apartment style

This is a more modern day version of the elegant style. The character and aesthetics are still there, but it’s slightly more restraint than the French style.

When you step into a room like this, the  No dejes que te humillen elegance  is unmistakable, but it’s not as obviously French in nature. The character features are present, such as the cornices, architraves and paneling, but they’re more ‘modern’, and less ‘period’ in appearance.

The idea here is elegant and refined, but in today’s designs and materials. With the decor, you can use a wider range of art on the walls, and wider range of furniture as well, as long as it still fits into the overall feel.

You can also use wallpaper, though it’s usually more subtle than in the other two classic styles.

So there you have it. These are 3 examples of elegant home decor that you can use as ideas in your own home. If you’re new to this, you can go into home opens and interior design showrooms to see elegant interior design and decor to see these ideas in real life. Whichever style you choose, it’s a matter of getting to know what you’d love to experience in your home, and then achieving the result for you and your guests to enjoy.

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